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Immaculate Conception

This is a prayer vigil in honor of the Immaculate Conception. The dogma of the Immaculate Conception was defined on December 8th, 1958 and every year the Church celebrates the feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th!  Read more about the Immaculate Conception here.

We suggest the following scheme for your vigil, but feel free to adapt it to your needs!

1. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
2. Recitation of Vespers
3. Spiritual Reading or Points of Meditation
4. Silent Prayer (fifteen minutes)
5. Recitation of the following Prayer (standing)

We also suggest mixing in a few songs during the times of silence, especially if the participants are not used to praying or are easily distracted! Be sure to print out copies so that everyone can follow along.  Download as pdf.

Prayer Vigil of the Immaculate Conception

By Father Rafael Alonso Reymundo

Leader: We prepare ourselves to celebrate this vigil in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and with Mary, Mother of Jesus and Our Mother.

All: She is the Mother of God, the Immaculate One, always Virgin, assumed into Heaven. 

L: Blessed is the one who listens to Her,

A: He shall not be confounded.

L: “You are a closed garden, a covered spring, a sealed fountain”. 

A: You have belonged always to God, only to God and all to God.

L: You are the Mother of the Most Precious Love, of counsel and of hope.

A: We come before You with trust, most Holy Mother of God, so that we may be filled with your fruits.

L: “The recollection of You is sweeter than honey.

A: To possess You is sweeter than honey to the palate.”

L: You are the Pride of Jerusalem; You are the Glory of Israel; You are the Honor of our Race.

A: Through You the Father has carried out the work of the Redemption for our sake.

L: Blessed are You who belong to the Almighty God forever and ever.

A: We are filled with joy, as You prophesized, when we call You Immaculate.

L: Many Saints have done great things for love of God,

A: But You surpass them all.

L: Who is She who rises like the dawn, beautiful as the moon, resplendent as sun, awesome as an army lined up for battle?

A: She is Mary, the mother of God and our mother.

(We kneel down. Time of silent reflection)


L: In You there is no stain,

A: You have no stain of original sin or personal sin.

L: The Lord is with You,

A: You are full of grace.

L: You are Our Lady.

A: And You are the Queen of our hearts.

L: And the name of the Virgin was Mary.

A: At the sound of your name all evil takes flight.

L: As the star of the sea guides the sailors to their port,

A: So does Mary lead us to eternal glory.

L: You are the Woman who radiates light,

A: Through You the Lord fills our soul with light.

L: You are the Woman who radiates light,

A: Through You the whole world will be enlightened.

L: You were found worthy of carrying Our Lord - perennial Light of all time - in your womb.

A: And You gave Him to us for the Salvation of the world.

L: We now listen to the words of Pope Pius concerning the Immaculate Conception:

A: “We declare, pronounce, and define that the doctrine which holds that the most Blessed Virgin Mary was, from the first moment of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege of Almighty God and by virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ, Savior of the human race, preserved immune from all stain of original sin, is a doctrine revealed by God and therefore to be believed firmly and constantly by all the faithful.”

L: Before time God chose Her and set Her aside,

A: As Mother of his only-begotten Son, made flesh in the fullness of time.
L: This shows how the Father loved Mary above all creatures.

A:  He fixed His gaze on Her with special benevolence,

L: You were generously associated, as the humble handmaid of the Lord,

A: With the great mystery of the justification of man. 

L: As the ocean receives all the waters,

A:  So Mary receives all graces. 

L: If Mary were not the star of the sea,

A: Everything would remain in darkness, in the shadows of death.

L: Neither the words of men nor the minds of angels

A: Are able worthily to praise Her. 

L: Mary, You are great, your dignity is incomparable.

A: Whosoever wishes to receive a grace and does not turn to You is like one who seeks to fly without wings.

(We kneel. Time of silent reflection)


L: The Virgin Mary is the only creature born without Original Sin.

A: The mystery and the privilege of Her Immaculate Conception consists in this.

L: Mary belongs totally to God,

A: From the very beginning of her life this was so.

L: By an antecedent grace, Mary was freed from sin.

A: God, in foresight of her divine maternity, did not permit that She be contaminated by sin.

L: She is exempt from the law of original sin.

A: And because of this we rejoice.

L: She was born in the plenitude of grace.

A: To be the chosen Mother of God.

L: Hail Mary, glorious Lady chosen by God.

A: The Lord thought of You and was captivated by You.

L: Hail Mary, glorious Lady chosen by God,

A: Freed from all contact with sin. 

L: Hail Mary, glorious Lady chosen by God,

A: God wanted the sin of Eve to be defeated in You.

L: Glory be to the Father who raised up the Virgin Mary, filling Her with grace from the very first moment.

A: And glory be to the Lord, who was made man in her womb and later redeemed Her. 

L: My Mother, I contemplate You full of hope because of the great things that the Lord has done for You. I ask You:

A: You who are the Immaculate One, free from all stain of sin, obtain for me from Your Son the grace to avoid all sin so that I may live with You and with Our Lord in intimate union.

L: Once again as I contemplate You, I ask You:

A: Grant me the great gift that I desire: purity of heart so that I may obtain that which Jesus promised: “Blessed are the pure of heart for they will see God”. 

(We kneel. Time of silent reflection)


L: Your cousin Elizabeth, moved by the Holy Spirit exclaimed:

A: “Blessed are You among women and Blessed is the fruit of Your womb”.

L: We also wish to salute You with the same words:

A: “Blessed are You among women and Blessed is the fruit of Your womb”. 

L: There are many children in this world who are full of innocence,

A: But none of them can compare to You.

L: There are many Saints in Heaven,

A: But none of them is equal to You. 

L: God thought of You, and the incomparable marvel of who You are came into being.

A: From the very first moment You were pure and unblemished, transparent like the light.

L: God fills You , Mary, with His grace. 

A: And your heart is filled with joyful song and your soul overflows with gladness in the Lord.

L: God dwells in You, Mary.

A: You are for all men a sign of His presence, source of serenity, light in our darkness.

L: God sealed You with His unequivocal love.

A: And your soul is exalted, freed, clean and integral.

L: We turn to You with filial trust,

A: Hear our prayers.

L: So that we may find the joy that resides in the purity of your soul.

A: Listen to us, Sweet Mother, Queen of our hearts,

L: So that we may contemplate the virtues that the Father adorned You with.

A: Listen to us, Sweet Mother, Queen of our hearts,

L: So that we may always contemplate the mystery of how God preserved You from all stain of original sin.

A: Listen to us, Sweet Mother, Queen of our hearts, 

L: So that we may recognize the new life that is given to us through the Sacraments, so that we may truly encounter Him and increase our friendship with Him.

A: Listen to us, Sweet Mother, Queen of our hearts,

L: We give thanks to God because He has given us Mary as our Mother, our Teacher and our Model.

A: Through her hands we surrender to the Lord all that we are. We acknowledge that we are consecrated to His service in love; we intend to live in grace which is the presence of God within us, and to intensify our life of grace with frequent reception of the Sacraments.



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