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Children’s Holy Hour

We want to console the Heart of Jesus!

Intro: (Seated) Remind them where we are, who we’re with, who He is and who we are and, therefore, how we should behave.

We begin by singing a Eucharistic song. (i.e. “Lord, Prepare Me to be a Sanctuary”)

(L) There are so many people who don’t love you Jesus, so many who say bad things to you, but we love you, that’s why we’re here, and we want to console you by telling you many beautiful things: (Each boy/girl reads a sentence and after each one, we sing “Jesus, Jesus, come and dwell in me.”)

1. Many children don’t love you, but I love you a lot.

2. You gave your life for me—take mine now.

3. You said, “Take and eat, this is my Body,” prepare me to receive you.

4. Lord, never more will I close the door to you.

5. Jesus, I want to console you.

6. Lord, I need you; come into my heart.

7. Jesus, I love you a lot.

8. Jesus, you desire to come into my heart and I want you to come to me.

9. It looks like bread, but it is your Body, therefore…

10. It looks like wine, but it is your Blood, therefore…

11. They all abandoned you but I don’t want to leave you alone.

12. You said, “Let the children come to me,” and here I am.

13. No one loves me like you do.

Here, some brief points of meditation may be given.

(L) Jesus, we are so poor, so little…we see so many needs in the world and can do so little. But you, who can do everything and love us so much, you can give us what we ask of you, if we ask with faith. Hear us, O Lord, and do whatever your heart tells you. Above all, we want to do your will.

Petitions (can be read by the kids):

1. For all the boys and girls here now, that we might never be separated from the Lord. We pray to the Lord.

2. For all those who do not know Jesus, that they might discover that the Lord loves them a lot. We pray to the Lord.

3. For our parents, who’ve helped us to know God, that they might live in such a way that they can one day go to Heaven. We pray to the Lord.

4. For all the children who, after having received Jesus, have left Him and no longer love Him, that they might come back to Him. We pray to the Lord.

(L) Our Jesus, You have given us so many things. We thank you for all that we have received from You, but in a special way we want to thank you for giving us your Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, as our own Mother. We know that with her we are always on the right path. She wants to lead us to Heaven and, if we let her, she will do so. Because of this, we want to consecrate ourselves to Her, placing ourselves in her Heart, so that she might protect us from all evil.

Let us pray: (all together)

Mother of Jesus and my Mother, teach me to console your Son, our Lord. I give you my heart to be a tabernacle for Him. And you, who are all goodness, keep me in your Heart. May Jesus be glad in my soul. May I love him always. Protect me from evil. Dearest Mother, I hope that you will help me to be faithful to Jesus. If some day I behave badly, remind me that I’m yours. Take me firmly by the hand so that one day I and all my family can see you in Heaven. Amen.

(L)To end this time with you Jesus, we want to pray to You a very special prayer, to console you, to tell you that we children want to be yours and we want you to be our Friend, our best Friend. So, we pray together:

Lord I believe in You. I firmly believe that you love me and that you want to live in my heart. I believe that you are in the Eucharist, with your Body, your Blood, your Soul and your Divinity. I know that you died on the Cross for love of me. Forgive me for having forgotten you so many times. You know me better than anyone, better than my parents, better than my siblings, better than any of my friends, and you know that I love you. During your Passion, you suffered so much for me and for all men that I don’t want to leave you alone now. When everyone abandons you, I want to be with you, I want to console you and tell you thousands of times that I love You. I want to be with your Mother, the only one who doesn’t abandon You. Allow me to be with You now and never let me be parted from You. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, be the salvation of my soul.

The Holy Hour can end with a song and reposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

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