s procloPor P. Felix López, SHM

“Oh man, go in thought through all of creation and see if there exists something comparable to or greater than the Holy Virgin, Mother of God”

sanagustin885By Fr. Félix López, SHM

"A virgin conceives, yet remains a virgin: a virgin is heavy with child; a virgin brings forth her child, yet she is always a virgin. Why are you amazed at this, O man? It was fitting for God to be born thus when He deigned to become man” (Serm. 186, 1).

protoevangelioBy Fr. Felix López, SHM

Even though this section is dedicated to the study of Mary in the writings of the Church Fathers, we cannot forget to mention this apocryphal writing which faithfully brings together the common piety of the first Christian generations.

By Fr. Félix López, S.H.M.

san ambrosio1

“Oh Mary, beautiful gate that remained closed and never opened! Christ passed through this gate without opening it.”

By Fr. Félix López, S.H.M.


“How can the Infinite be contained in the womb? How can the Virgin give birth and remain a Virgin?” (Homily on Matthew 4:6)

By Fr. Félix López, S.H.M.

sanjustino"Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bring forth a son, and they shall say for His name, 'God with us.'"

St. Justin states that “Christ, the Son of God, first existed before the morning star and the moon, yet deigned to become Incarnate, and be born of this Virgin of the family of David”.

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