Meditation 5 - Mary Immaculate: Her BeautyMeditation 5

Mary is the same in all of Her mysteries and invocations: the Queen of beauty and grace… but without a doubt, there is something special in the mystery of the Immaculate, because all of us consider Her in this mystery to be uniquely beautiful and lovely. — Let us now consider this beauty.

1. The Earth’s Beauty — In order to know this beauty, it is necessary to know all that God could have done and what was thereby convenient that He do with Mary. — Look at the beauty of the earth… there was a time when nothing existed… there was chaos, darkness, nothing… but one day God said “Fiat,” and the light appeared, the firmament, the flowers, the trees, the sun for the day and moon for the night, the seas with fish, and the skies with their birds… the forests, the mountains, and the valleys, the animals of all species. — Stop to consider the beauty and loveliness of this creation… ponder the variety that there is in everything… flowers, animals… and its admirable order, everything, with its own end, with its destiny, even though we might not know it.

2. The Beauty of the Earthly Paradise — But this all seemed next to nothing to God.  That is why the Lord formed one part in which He planted a true paradise of delights… magnificent, splendid… within which He gathered together all of the most beautiful things of Creation… the most beautiful colors and aspects of the animals and plants… the most flavorful and sweet fruits… the most poetic and fertile rivers… in the end, all of the greatest goods, without any evil… there was nothing that was evil, nothing produced evil, nothing harmed anything else. — Imagine all of the best things that you can about this picture because even those things will be less than that magnificent reality.

3. The Beauty of the Invisible Creation — And all of this was the visible Creation. — But what about the invisible Creation that we do not see? — If you can, imagine what Heaven must be like — that magnificent paradise, which is not an earthly paradise, and to which nothing on earth can be compared. — Remember that which “eye has not seen, ear has not heard, etc.” — Think, finally, that everything on earth is something fleeting, and the other, eternal… this is earthly, and the other is celestial… this is a prison and an exile, the other is our Homeland and the place of joy and beatitude.  What will Heaven be like?!  What beauties are enclosed there, besides the gaze of God?!  Such things that we cannot trace, or imagine, or even expect!

4. The King of Creation — Now ask yourself…  and all of this, what is its purpose and who is it for? — To whom did God destine all of Creation? — Earth was for Man, and the earthly Paradise for the just and the innocent… that is, all of this for a creature that would soon rebel against Him and disobey His commands… And Heaven?  For His angels… for His courtiers and servants, among whom He would also find traitors and ingrates, who would similarly rebel against and disobey His Majesty, pretending, in the madness of their pride, to throw Him from His throne and make themselves gods.  All of earth for men!  All of Heaven for His angels!

5. The Beauty of Mary — Continue to ask your soul, what do you think He would do for Mary and for Jesus? — If, in order to please man and angels, God does all of this, what would He do to please Mary, whom He loves more than all of Creation? — And if this is what He made as a dwelling place for His servants, what Dwelling and Palace would He make for His Son?  He did not want another Paradise except that of the Womb of Mary. — Think of how God willingly leaves the Palace of Heaven to dwell in Mary. — What purity would He bring to that blood which was to run through the veins of His Son!  What rouge would He bring to the lips that were to kiss the cheeks of His Son so many times!  What shine to those eyes that were to contemplate, enraptured, the eyes of His Son!  What hands that were to hold the hands that sustain all of Creation!  What heart so pure, so delicate, so tender!  All of the tenderness of all the hearts of all the mothers is gathered here… Continue to contemplate, enraptured, before the beauty of Mary Immaculate, and you will see that all earthly charm and beauty is not even worthy of Her name, of Her presence.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Sr. Clare on Radio Maria Ireland on February 6, 2019

Our sisters at Mitchelstown, Ireland, granted an interview to Radio Maria Ireland in Dublin on February 6, 2019. They spoke about the Home of the Mother and our missions in the Church, but they spoke most of all about Sr. Clare Crockett, surely the most famous Irish nun in the world.



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