Meditation 12 - The Annunciation: Hail MaryMeditation 12

1. Hail — “Hail” is an affectionate greeting.  The angel, however, uses it to congratulate Mary.  The Church, in order to show us that just as Eve brought us death, Mary brings us life, tells us in Her hymns that She is the opposite of Eve. — In this sense, the angel’s greeting should be extended to all of humanity. — Praise Mary for this step in Her life, and congratulate yourself as well, because through Her your soul has been made a child of God...

2. Full of Grace — And very full!  All of the saints, and even the angels, were only given grace in fragments.  Only Mary was given the fullness and totality of grace. — She would stand out from all the other creatures because of this fullness of grace.  It is necessary to know what grace is in order to understand the angel’s words.  Think about what grace is for everyone else... it is a divine being, something from God which is communicated to man to divinize him, because it really gives him the title of “son of God” and gives him the right to inherit from the Eternal Father... for if he is a son of God, he is an heir of Heaven.  Now think… if grace does this in everyone else and thereby sanctifies and divinizes them... what would it do in Our Lady who has the fullness and plenitude of grace?  If She possesses the fullness of grace then we must go to Her if we wish to participate in this grace.  What is more, if She was already full of grace, how could She grow in grace throughout Her life?  This is a mystery.  A full glass cannot receive any more water; yet nothing is impossible for God.  In every passing instant God could increase the precious glass of Her soul and, in that way, being always full, the grace within Her could always increase.

3. The Lord is With You — The angel would say, “more so with you than with me”... and more so than with all creatures.  He is with you, totally possessing you.  There is nothing in Mary that is not possessed by God and that does not belong to Him.  God is also with us... but inadequately so!  — We don’t let God take total control of us like Mary does.  What is more, He was with Her from all eternity.  He thought of Her and delighted in Her, even before He created the universe.  He will be with Her forever, and that’s why He has wanted to unite Himself to Her so intimately that She would be His Mother and He would be Her Son.  Think of how Jesus wants it to be the same with you and that is why He searches for you and He calls you and He unites Himself to you through grace, and even more intimately through communion…

4. Blessed Are You Among Women — Just as sin came into the world through a woman, grace and redemption came through Her.  All generations will remember Eve to curse her... all will remember Mary to bless Her.  Eve was the bad mother, the stepmother who gave death to Her children...  Mary is the true mother who lovingly gives us life.  All of humanity directed all of its hatred against woman, despising her and treating her with cruelty.  Mary is the one who restores and elevates woman in such a way that She becomes the most elevated creature who occupies the highest place in Heaven.

5. Blessed Is the Fruit of Your Womb — Although these words came from St. Elizabeth and not from the angel, they are so united to the words of the angel that the Church brings them together in the same prayer.  They are glorious words for Mary because they say what Her Son is and will be.  In the end, if She will become blessed by all, it will be because of Her Son.  In this blessed fruit we will all find salvation that Eve lost for us by giving us the fruit of sin.  Mary will save us by giving us that fruit of sanctification which is called Jesus...

Always pray the Hail Mary with great veneration. — Make sure to be faithful to the rosary, etc…  Don’t forget to greet Mary in the Angelus. — Whenever you pray it, remember the great mystery of the Annunciation and ask Mary to fill you with graces so that the Lord may desire to be with you too, and, in this way, you may participate in Her happiness and blessedness forever.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Sr. Clare on Radio Maria Ireland on February 6, 2019

Our sisters at Mitchelstown, Ireland, granted an interview to Radio Maria Ireland in Dublin on February 6, 2019. They spoke about the Home of the Mother and our missions in the Church, but they spoke most of all about Sr. Clare Crockett, surely the most famous Irish nun in the world.



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