Meditation 14 - The Annunciation: The Mother of GodTheotokos

1. The Omnipotent “Fiat” — Mary’s “fiat” (“Let it be done unto me…”) is also a sign of Her power. — As soon as She pronounced this word, the Holy Spirit came upon Her — the Almighty overshadowed Her — and brought to fulfillment the work of the Incarnation, just as the angel had announced.  At that moment, “the Word was made flesh” and began to dwell among us. — Oh, Word of immeasurable power! — When pronounced by the omnipotence of God, the world was created from nothing. — When pronounced by Mary, from the depths of Her humility, it works even greater wonders. — God’s Fiat brought everything into existence out of nothing. — Mary’s Fiat brought God Himself, from His Heaven… from His eternity… so that, without ceasing to be God, He became man. — Contemplate the Most Holy Virgin Mary, and consider how the Holy Spirit formed the body of Jesus from Her immaculate flesh and blood, so that His body and His blood, taken from the Virgin Mary, could later become the victim of the sacrifice, which He would offer on the Cross to redeem the world. — Adore this magnificent mystery, and give thanks to Jesus and Mary.

2. The Divine Maternity — In the Incarnation, Mary truly became the Mother of God. — She was endowed with the highest and most wondrous dignity. — Her dignity is infinite, because Her Son’s dignity is infinite.  She has a real and physical relationship with the Son of God. — Since the moment God began to dwell in Mary, not simply through His grace but through the presence of His Divine Person, there has existed between Jesus and Mary a profound unity, inasmuch as the body and blood of Christ are the body and blood of Mary. — It is the most intimate and sublime union that can exist between a creature and God. — In virtue of this union, Mary, the Mother of God, obtained the highest authority… the authority to command Her Son… and She obtained the highest privilege… a special right to receive the love from Her Son… and to receive from Him all the gifts of grace and glory, with the freedom to then communicate them to others.

In virtue of Her divine maternity, Mary is also Mediatrix. — She is a powerful Mediatrix because She participates through grace in the same omnipotence that God possesses by nature.  Furthermore, because of Her divine maternity, She is the one who dispenses all graces…  It is clear that God wishes to communicate Himself to all men only through Mary, just as He did in the Incarnation. — Her maternity is magnificent, sublime, and divine; we will never be able to fully grasp the profound richness of its greatness. — God could create more worlds, more angels, other beings that are infinitely more perfect, but He cannot create a Mother greater than the Mother of God.

3. The Life of the Mother of God — Her life, especially after the Incarnation, was spiritually and physically marked by the most intimate union with God. — The intimate life of Mother and Son. —The same life. — The same heartbeat. — Consider with what profound devotion Mary focused Her whole life on Her Son! — All that She did was with Him and for Him; She saw everything through His eyes; She loved with His Heart; She was pleased only by what pleased Him. — In this way, Her life was filled with the most intimate, pure, and perfect sentiments of love and joy towards God, whom She carried in Her womb. — If the joy of Heaven consists in the possession of God, Mary had already experienced it… but She was granted an even more intimate possession of God… more perfect than that of all the angels and saints in all their glory. — Because of the unity between Her and Her Son, Her life became divine, glorious, and sanctifying.

4. The Mother of God is My Mother — But Mary was also united to me. — God wanted His Mother to also be my Mother, and, as my Mother, She loved me from the very beginning. — She ardently desired the birth of Her Son, as well as His work of redemption, because She thought of me. — She wanted then as She wants now, to have me as Her child — like Her Jesus.  She wants me to unite my life to Hers, as Jesus’ life was united to Hers so that I, like Jesus… may participate in that life. — What a blessing to have a Mother who was considered worthy to be the Mother of God!  Through Her we become part of Jesus’ family. — Jesus and I are brothers. — Meditate frequently on this and give thanks to both Mother and Son for these marvels of divine love.  Imitate Mary in Her divine maternity; unite yourself intimately to Jesus, as She did. — Put all of this into practice.  Draw closer to the Most Holy Virgin, so that Her life may become yours. — Do everything on your part to truly be, both in word and deed, a worthy child of such a wonderful Mother.


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