Meditation 20 - Life in Nazareth

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1. Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple — Mary and Joseph took three days to find Jesus. — Those days, and above all those nights, seemed endless.  During the day, going from one place to another, asking here and there… all of this, in a certain sense, distracted our Lady from Her immense pain.  But once the nighttime had arrived... when She had to go back to Her room... tired and worn out by the suffering and hardships of the day... what would She do?  What would She think about while She was alone?  Perhaps She would have imagined Jesus already suffering His passion and death for mankind.  Accompany Our Lady on this somber night... try to understand the intensity of Her pain upon losing Jesus... so that you can imitate Her if at some point you are in a similar situation and you too lose Jesus... or are yourself in danger of losing Him. 

And at last, the day of happiness and joy arrived.  Mary and Joseph had gone running back to Jerusalem, they went to the temple, and there they recovered life upon finding Jesus calmly amidst the doctors. — What a mix of emotions were in Mary’s heart at this moment: immense joy for having found Her Son safe and sound... gratefulness to the Lord who allowed Her to receive Her Jesus once again… admiration and amazement at seeing the Child, who was always so modest and humble, now publicly debating and teaching the doctors of the Law…  What did all of that mean?

2. Motherly Complaints — Sure enough, as soon as Mary saw Her Son, She could not contain Herself and asked Him, with Her motherly affection: “Why have you done this to us?  Did you not know that your father and I would be anxiously looking for you?”  Mary was left in awe... everything in that day had been extraordinary.  How had Jesus... Her Jesus, who had been so submissive and obedient up until then, and had never caused Her the least displeasure, have done this?  Did He not realize how much they were going to suffer?  What was the explanation to all of this?  It is not difficult to guess the suffering and torture experienced by the Mother’s heart, such that She now wants to pour out all that She had inside.  And Jesus, who up until then had said nothing, now, out of respect for His Mother, speaks and explains His conduct: “Did you not know that I must be doing my Father’s business?”

These are the first words that the Bible attributes to Jesus…  How beautiful!  And what a profound mystery these words enclose!  Everything that He has done had been ordered by His Father, and before that divine will, there is nothing more to do than to obey, even if that obedience may be bitter and cause suffering, as in this case. — Jesus knew the sufferings of Mary and Joseph well... His heart also suffered upon seeing them suffer... but His Father wanted this, and so He too wanted this. 

3. Our Model — Here Jesus gives us examples of some of the highest virtues... He teaches us to obey God above men... to follow our vocation and His divine calls in each moment and in every circumstance... even if it causes your heart to bleed. — We must hear God’s calls wherever He wants... whenever He wants... and in whatever way He chooses.  Moreover, we must obey in such a way that is worthy of God — quickly... energetically... and with precision. — Many times in order to obey well, we need a strong will to overcome the difficulties that arise... look at our model, and there you will find the strength and conviction you need. — Jesus does not sweeten the bitter pain of the sacrifice... He does not prepare them for this separation... He does not go out to meet them... when they had already found Him, He does not console them with sweet and affectionate words... He simply tells them the truth, and He reveals His Father’s will, which is superior to them and which all must obey. — Mary and Joseph understand... they lower their heads.  They neither speak nor ask more. — Meditate upon this extraordinary scene and ask Jesus for the strength and conviction to obey like Him. 

Mary is also a model of great virtues. — She endures the adversity well, while suffering so greatly.  Stop to consider Her patience... Her submission to the divine will... Her humility, considering Herself to be unworthy of having Jesus and to be guilty of having lost Him... Her perseverance and action in searching for Him... She would have gone to the ends of the earth if it would have been necessary!

4. Look for Jesus — You too must learn to look for Jesus.  You could lose Him by sin... and at times, even without sin.  Jesus hides to test you, just as He did with His Mother…  This is when the devil takes advantage to tempt you with discouragement... weariness... distrust... and despair.  But never give in.

Look at Mary…  Although She does not find Jesus right away, She does not stop until She finds Him. — That is what you should do…  The suffering or the pain of your sacrifice should not take away your desire and yearning to look for Jesus... on the contrary, that is when you should miss Him even more, just like Mary... like Mary, do not live or rest until you deserve, with your diligence... fervor… and perseverance, to find him. 

And when you find Jesus in this way, your soul will be filled with joy!  The words from the Song of Songs spontaneously come forth: “I found the one my soul loves…  I will hold him and I will not let him go.”  Ask Mary to teach us to know how to fulfill the will of God... to never deserve the punishment of having Jesus leave your heart and hide from you…  Ultimately, know how to work without rest in Her company, so that with Her and through Her, you may always go to Jesus... live with Jesus… and look for Him without end until you find Him.

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Sr. Clare on Radio Maria Ireland on February 6, 2019

Our sisters at Mitchelstown, Ireland, granted an interview to Radio Maria Ireland in Dublin on February 6, 2019. They spoke about the Home of the Mother and our missions in the Church, but they spoke most of all about Sr. Clare Crockett, surely the most famous Irish nun in the world.



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