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Know You Martyrs


By Sr. Ana María Cabezuelo, SHM

On March 7, 203, saints Perpetua and Felicity died as martyrs in Carthage (África).

During the persecution of Emperor Severo, there were five catechumens who were arrested in Carthage: Revocatus, Felicity, Saturninus, Secundulus, and Vivie Perpetua.

This last one was a young mother, only 22 years old. She was legitimately wed and had a little boy only a few months old. She was from a very rich and esteemed family.

Felicity was Perpetua's young maid servant.She was pregnant and while in prison, gave birth to a little girl who had to be raised by the other Christians.

A estos se unió el diácono Sáturo, que les había instruido en la fe y preparado para el bautismo. Este se negó a abandonarles y como a él no lo habían apresado, se presentó voluntariamente.

By Sister Emma Haynes, SHM


I know someone who suffers from poor health. For this person, something as simple as climbing up the stairs becomes a heroic act and, on occasion, nearly impossible to do. As this person prays the “Our Father” and “Hail Mary,” he climbs each stair with increasing difficulty. Sometimes he does not even know if he will make it to the top. When he arrives at the landing, he looks at a painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe that is before him and says to her with a childlike heart, “Well, Mom, here we are. We’ve arrived.”

By Sr. Gema Díaz, SHM

"He who surrenders his life for love, gains it forever." (Hymn from the Liturgy of the Martyrs)


Stephen means “crowned” (ste: crown). He is referred to as the “protomartyr” because he was given the honor of being the first martyr to shed his blood in proclaiming his faith in Jesus Christ.

"Blessed are you, Stephen, who by proclaiming your love for Christ while on earth, obtained the crown of martyrdom and the possession of the Glory of Heaven with Him for whom you died. Grant that we may obtain from our Lord, Jesus Christ, the same grace of imitating you in your love for our enemies, thus allowing us to give our lives, forgiving them with all our heart."

Divine Mercy in the Heart of Christ, Builds the Church


Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, Major Penitentiary of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Penitentiary, opened the “Misericordiae Vultus” Conference with a reflection on the words of Pope Francis in his Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, No. 14.

After Calvary Comes the Resurrection


We now share with you an excerpt of a conversion story taken from the program: “Changing Tracks” from HM Television. You can also find other impacting conversion stories in the book: “Changing Tracks. From Darkness to Light.” Both can be accessed by visiting the following link:

Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil - Iraq


In the Footsteps of the Nazarene: The People of the Cross


Erbil is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, where the Kurdistan Regional Government is based. It has become the Christian capital of Iraq since the Islamic State began taking the lives of Christians or forcing them to flee their homes in Mosul and Qaraqosh, two cities of ancient Christian tradition.

The Iraqi government, the Iraqi army with Peshmerga (the Kurdish armed forces), along with the coalition, are fighting against DAESH to stop its advances and reclaim certain cities.

Know Your Martyrs


By Fr. Rafael Alonso

"As Jesus walked along the shore of the Seas of Galilee, He saw Simon Peter..."

The apostle St. Peter is often mentioned in the New Testament: in the Gospels, in the Acts of the Apostles, and in the Letters of St. Paul. His name appears 182 times. We know that he was born in Bethsaida, a small town on Lake Tiberias. He moved to Capernaum, where he was a fisherman along with John and James, sons of Zebedee. They had established a sort of fishing business together. There is evidence enough to assume that Andrew (Peter’s brother) and possibly even Peter himself were followers of John the Baptist and had therefore prepared their hearts for the arrival of the Messiah. Peter was a bit primary, impulsive, astute yet simple, struggling with his abrupt and temperamental character, but with a heart open to the truth. Christ would transform him in his character, through suffering.

By Sr. Ana María Lapeña, SHM


Cuapa is a town with a population of 5,000 situated in a small valley in the Municipality of Juigalpa, in Chontales, Nicaragua. Its people are very simple folk, small cattle ranchers who live a rustic lifestyle and raise cattle for family consumption.

This peaceful corner of Nicaragua is where Our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, began to manifest herself to one of the local farmers, who received a message from the Queen of Heaven in 1980. Two years later, the Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Managua authorized the publication of the Report on the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Cuapa.

His name was Bernardo and he was the sacristan of the town. From his childhood he had helped clean the chapel, wash the altar linens, ring the bells for the recitation of the Rosary in the evening... All this he did with sincere desire to serve God, in spite of those who made him a laughingstock.

By Fr. Félix López, SHM


Miguel Ángel García Maeso, “Chispa” as we called him, passed away this past January 24th (2016) in Toledo (Spain) at the age of 51.

Edith Stein


By Sr. Emma Haynes S.H.M.

“Full of love, you sink your gaze into mine. And bend your ear to my quiet words. And deeply fill my heart with peace. Your body mysteriously permeates mine. And your soul unites with mine: I am no longer what once I was.You come and go, but the seed That you sowed for future glory, remains behind.”



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