TestimoniesMissionary Groups of the Home of the Mother

elisabeth-wieck-blogElizabeth Wieck

This trip changed my life, my heart, and my faith...

yazmani-moreno-blogYazmani Moreno

It is not necessary to have many material things to be happy in this life.

laura-vorholt-blogLaura Vorholt

The Lord and Our Lady have poured out abundant graces!

mariam-samino-blogMariam Samino

Their thirst for God is amazing!

carlos-torres-blogCarlos Torres

The missions are the reason of being of a Christian, for this he has been born.

rosaduque blogRosa Duque

All of this work would not have been possible without the strength that comes from prayer.

katie-vick-blogKatie Vick

It really helped to get away from all of the things that get in the way of my relationship with God.

rafasamino blogRafael Samino

You truly feel like a poor missionary apprentice.

elisabeth-rochon-blogElisabeth Rochon

Nine days in Ecuador are nine days to flip your view of reality upside down...

rachel-newton-blogRachel Newton

When you open your heart, the Lord truly gives an abundance!

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