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cs jr1Boys’ Get-Together in Villalbilla, Madrid (Spain), March 16-19, 2017.

- What did you say? A study get-together?
- Well, yes! A study get-together.
- But, normally, aren’t the get-togethers for games?
- That too!

During the month of March, the boys from the Home of the Mother took advantage of the break in honor of St. Joseph to study, play, pray, do apostolate, and start a new program to evangelize the world: Catholic Stuff Junior.

The get-together began on Thursday, March 16th with our four indispensable elements M.A.R.C. (Mass, Adoration, Rosary and Confession). We prayed the rosary before Mass and then meditated in front of the Blessed Sacrament based on one of St. John Bosco’s dreams. There, we worshiped Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament while several of the boys went to confession.

cs jr2

The boys brought their homework and did it during the study hour in the morning. Afterwards, we went on an excursion up the mountain and arrived at the hermitage of Our Lady of Robledal. Next to the church, we played several games and played soccer on the paved road. We finished the excursion by praying the Angelus and making another visit to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

The boys also began with great enthusiasm the new Catholic Stuff Junior program. To achieve this, we had several castings and recordings around various parts of the village of Villalbilla. And since we are in Lent, we took time to meditate more deeply on the Passion of Christ. The children participated in the way of the cross of the parish after Mass.

On Saturday, after completing the study hour, we went to the artificial turf of the Sports Center to play soccer against several kids from the village. After lunch, we had the long-awaited scavenger hunt by Brook Park, in which other children of Villabilla also participated. After the evening Mass, we ate pizza from Telepizza and enjoyed several night games throughout the night.

cs jr3

On Sunday, the Lord's day and the feast of St. Joseph - a man of truth-, the boys played 'iron man' where we had several speed, strength and intelligence challenges. We ended the gathering by watching the new video of Catholic Stuff Junior edited by Brother Luis, and handing out the awards of the get-together.

St. Patrick, pray for us and give us a heart full of apostolic fire! St. Joseph, also pray for us and give us a noble heart to be real men!

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